“Confessions of a Catholic Cop” – Thomas Fitzsimmons

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Book Reviews
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              Confessions of a Catholic Cop is a gritty police novel that centers on NYPD officer Michael Beckett who finds himself in the middle of a highly organized crime spree in the Bronx. He must trust his instincts and his police work to find out who is responsible – and make them pay.

The book switches between first and third person narration, which makes it a bit confusing for the reader to keep up with. The setting and descriptive details the author uses are authentic, but seem to be overdone. It leaves the reader trying to focus too hard on the details being described instead of being transported to the scene in their minds. The novel is a straight forward police/crime drama. There are no twists in the plot and there is virtually no suspense. Fans of the TV show Law & Order will appreciate this book for its methodic flow and storytelling.

Fitzsimmons has a long history of police work, which gives him the advantage of knowing what really happens as a New York police officer. The reader is given a rare look into the life and mind of a cop and comes out feeling like they have a better understanding and appreciation for the work and struggles that the police force faces every day.


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