Alone – Steve Perlow

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Book Reviews
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   The first book in a series, Alone follows the life of Erin Rose, a 22-year-old woman who wakes onemorning to find that she has no memories of her past and no knowledge of who she is. The only clue she has to work with is a vampire bite on her neck. She is determined to find answers about her old life and what has happened to her, so she begins to question different vampires around the city to see if any of them know her. Instead of giving her the answers she so desperately seeks, her questions eventually lead her into the middle of a centuries long war between the two kinds of vampires – the Spectavi, who only drink synthetic blood, and the Sanguans, who drink from humans. Just how far will Erin go to find out her past?

Perlow did a great job with this book. While the characters were rather two-dimensional and the twists in the plot predictable, the story flowed well and was very easy to read and get into. The novel raises thought-provoking questions about morals and ethics and also questions the religious aspects of vampires and where they would fit into God’s plan. The religious aspect and questioning really had me thinking at times, and it was a welcome diversion from most vampire stories that I have read before. Some avenues of the story were left unexplored, but hopefully they will be followed through in some of the upcoming books in the series. All in all, this was a good vampire novel that has the reader eagerly turning pages.

Disclosure: I received my copy of this book free from Library Thing. However, this had no effect on my opinion of the book or my review.


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