Red Smoke Rising – Rick Anthony

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Book Reviews
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      It has been over a century since the Nor army invaded Mia’s homeland and gained control of the people via the Empire. Since that time, a rebel force known as The Underground have been learning the secrets of the mysterious drug “ku” and have been preparing an army of their own. The resistance’s only hope lies with Mia – a young shape shifter who has extraordinary powers and can wield the magic of ku like no other. Together with a band of vigilante Masters and Trademasters, they will overthrow the Empire’s rule or die trying.

This story is an action packed sci-fi adventure full of shape shifters, zombies, trolls, and all manner of otherworldly characters. Anthony brings the dystopic setting to life and the reader becomes part of the Underground’s cause while they struggle to overthrow the Empire. Characters in the story are separated into caste systems with those who know how to work the magic of the drug ku and are able to manipulate auras and enhance things at the pinnacle. This novel is a tale of survival, fighting for freedom, and a wonderful example of doing what you believe is right. The story was an easy read and flowed well. Any fans of science fiction and fantasy should read this book.


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