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In the winter of 1973, a volcano eruption buried an entire Icelandic town under ash and lava. Now over 30 years later, some of the homes are being excavated for historical purposes. What no one expects to find in the basement of one of these homes are corpses that have been hidden underground since the eruption occurred. Markus Magnusson, who lived in the home as a child, comes under suspicion for killing his childhood crush and it seems that the murders from the past are somehow connected to the murder in the present.

Ashes to Dust is a new tightly wound thriller by acclaimed author Yrsa Sigurdardottir. The novel brings together all the best elements of a murder mystery – family, secrets, murder, betrayal, and deceit. The plot is thick with twists and surprises, and the story winds its way through the characters involved like a well placed tourniquet of suspense. Ashes to Dust grabs hold of the reader and refuses to let go – they are left guessing until the very last chapter. Fans of Steig Larsson should not miss this evocative and enthralling Scandinavian crime thriller. It truly sets a new standard for the genre.

Disclosure: I received my copy of this book free from Library Thing’s Early Reviewer program. However, this had no impact on my opinion of the book or my review.